Image of Venice with a boat in the water, used for Karen Dovner blog about the best places to visit in Italy

4 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy is a stunning country, filled with beautiful architecture and incomparably rich history. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to find stunning ruins or priceless art that’s been around hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. There are fantastic shopping opportunities and a lovely countryside to travel around. No matter what you enjoy, you can find it in […]

Picture of city in Cuba, image used for Karen Dovner blog on places to see in Cuba

6 Places to See in Cuba

Travel to Cuba has only recently become a more popular for Americans as laws regarding visiting there were relaxed, though now more stringent laws have been put into place. However, it is still completely possible to travel to Cuba as an American. I recently took a trip to this country and it was an incredible […]


This is Karen Dovner’s first blog post on her site dedicated to travel. Check back soon for more.

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